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Holiday Gift Baskets Promote Business

Bravo Baskets is bustling this time of year, creating customized gift baskets for clients who want unique gifts this holiday season, shipped anywhere in the USA.

I’m like an elf (although I’m WAY too tall and green really isn’t my color), busy in my “workshop” building these distinctive holiday baskets. The most common basket I design at this time of the year is the inevitable sweet basket that is filled with an assortment of chocolates, cookies, candies, nuts, teas and hot drinks mixes — and anything else you might want me to put in there.

There are also lots of requests for “host/hostess” gift baskets that may include a variety of items that the can be used to serve with, decorate the home, or bake and cook with.

The possibilities are endless! Not sure exactly what you want? Call me and let me help design a fantastic holiday gift basket from Bravo Basket that they will surely remember!

Happy Holidays!

Nikki Davidson, CEO (Chief Elf of Operations)