• Where do we work?
  • How do we make our new offices and our present situation be an opportunity to thrive?
So many people are changing where they work. No longer commuting, they create offices at their private homes.  Now kids are at home which could add to complexity of working at home. I have worked with many solo-entrepreneurs, so I am used to coaching clients on creating a home office that works for them.
First: Find a spot where you will not be interrupted, and can close the door.
  • A salesperson who is now working at home found a location in their kitchen, but when the kids came home from college it didn’t work anymore.  They had a small desk, which they placed in a bedroom which wasn’t used during their working hours.  This helped them to manage their time, and focus on maximizing their sales process.
  • A client who is a psychotherapist/coach and has two kids at home, took  an empty music room, and turned it into an office.  Someone suggested that they put a schedule on their door. The kids started to be more independent and not disturb them when the schedule indicated that they were busy.
Second: Keep it simple, filed, and uncluttered.
  • Only have the things you use regularly on your desk.  Statistics show that we can waste hours just looking for things.
  • Have a filing system for paper and online.  Put things where you can find them.
  • Have a whiteboard to put daily to-do’s.  What is visible gets attended to.

Third: Develop a professional online presence.
  • Show off your beautiful new office
  • Get a Green Screen and have Rob Levine design you a great Virtual Background.
Fourth: Don’t do it alone, stay connected and have a community of support.
  • Networking and business support groups are so important now.  Examples: BNI, Chambers, and Dream Factory Community for women solo-entrepreneurs. They give you a structure, connections, and an opportunity to build relationships that lead to more business.
  • Coaches can help you stay focused and even thrive during these challenging times.  Regular accountability calls, keep you moving forward, and supported through any challenges.  One of my clients had one of their biggest sales during these times.
  • We are all in this together.  Reach out and see who you can support.  It helps to feel connected and contribute what you have.
Times may change, but it is important to learn these entrepreneurial lessons so we can thrive under any circumstances.

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