During the past couple of months of the pandemic, the scope of my world has changed. No longer driving to networking meetings or to clients’ locations, I spend the majority of my time at home. And although I am at home, I feel that my contribution and impact has expanded.

As a business development consultant and founder of the Dream Factory Community for women solopreneurs, I quickly moved all my business events and client meetings online through Zoom. 

So far the Dream Factory Community has had three luncheons, a breakfast, and a conference. I have to say it has been amazing. I have learned a lot about having events online and have a new found interest in working and creating with my members who are the featured speakers at these events.

We have also added new opportunities based on members’ ideas. We have been having check-in calls Monday and Friday so that members have a structure for designing and completing their week. In addition, we have started a Sabo Department, that provides four coaches from the Dream Factory Community to give 15-minute complimentary sessions if members get stuck in fulfilling their intentions.

Another amazing thing is that people from all over the country can participate in our programs. We now have members from TX, VA, NY and western MA, and have event participants from WA, KY, TX, VA and all places in MA. This provides a wonderful opportunity to connect and grow together.

As a coach, I work with my clients on the phone or Zoom, so no big change there, but I feel more impactful in guiding them through the challenges we are all facing.

The networking company I work for, BNI, has moved its weekly meetings to Zoom. When I presented at one of their national webinars, one of the participants from Seattle heard my talk and referred me to one of her Seattle colleagues. He hired me as a business coach. Then he invited me to his BNI chapter in Seattle, so I am now doing one-to-one meetings with his colleagues. Who knew that could happen? I have never been to Seattle.

So at time when many of us are challenged, I have found that if you look for the opportunities in you circumstances and take action, the miraculous can happen. What I have discovered is the depth of what is possible that I never saw before.

For years I wanted to expand the impact of the Dream Factory Community, but training new leaders in other areas was challenging. Now anyone anywhere can join and get the curriculum online, then integrate with our local community. It’s so much easier and so much more fun.

Whether you are on unemployment, have a business that has been closed, or lost your job, don’t despair. Think about your biggest dreams and look how you can move them forward in this new time and new climate. Create some miracles.


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