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Start Your 2020 Marketing With WHY


It’s fair to say that just about all good companies start off their pitch to others with their Why. They do this for a few reasons.


It’s often more interesting and memorable for the listener. The listener is coming in having already an idea of what they are looking for, so do they really want a regurgitation of that from the vendor? That story is unique and more memorable. Think about all the companies that are NOT framing the first impression of their company that way, and hoping that immediately going into their What or How will be what will be attractive to a buyer, or differentiating from their competition (it’s often not).


Starting with Why gets at the heart of what the buyer will ultimately need to connect with — you. There are probably lots of vendors that offer the same services as you. Some of these service providers might be just as good as you! When the outputs are similar, what separates you from the other choices? It’s you. You are your brand, and you are presumably doing it professionally for a reason. It’s your job to determine your Why, and then be able to articulate it well with believability.


At the end of the day, your price, product, and quality are only going to get you so far, and customers will be able to find comparisons in those areas to other options. So it will come down to some X factors. Who you are is definitely one of these factors. People make buying decisions in their gut / with their heart before making those decisions in their head. Have you ever bought something because it just felt right? That’s the tone you will set if you start with Why.


If you’d like to see our Why, and view samples of our video work featuring clients talking about their Whys, check out our behind-the-scenes and clients’ videos on our Videos page, at, and see how video can be a great way to introduce people to who you are and why people should work with you or buy from you.


Some Extra Resources of note…

– Simon Sinek – Start with Why – how great leaders inspire action


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