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Why do people hire a business coach?  If you had a football team, no one would ever question that you needed a head coach and coaches for each position on the team.  In business, it is a newer concept, and just as important.  Here is an example of a project I worked on and the results that were produced.


It all starts with the quarterback: the owner, CEO, Executive Director or President, who must have:

  • A vision for themselves and their business and be able to inspire their team to move in that direction.
  • An ongoing plan that they are held accountable for.
  • A support system so they can work through situations when they are stuck.
  • A meeting structure that will enable to them to manage a team.
  • Access to vetted business professionals to support new projects.
  • Increase in productivity, sales and profitability.


I worked with an automotive repair company that was owned by a husband and wife team.  When we started, they were concerned about the future of their company.  When I first met with them, we worked on their organizational chart and decided that the wife was the CEO and he was the COO. 


They wanted to focus the business on restoration and repair of three high-end brands.  I worked with them to set their plans, coached their employees on teamwork and communication, and met with them monthly for accountability and support. 


As a result, they are now the go-to company for these brands, attracting work from high-end clients around the country.  This has put them in the position to leave a very expensive location (because they no longer survive on visibility), and buy their own building, using the services of a real estate team and an architect.


Their business has gone from surviving to thriving.


Nancy Cantor, principal of Cantor Consulting, is a growth strategist who has been working with corporate executives and business owners to develop thinking that impacts their job satisfaction and bottom-line results since 1994. Nancy has developed curriculums that support small business owners in clarifying their goals and creating results. Her unique approach inspires participants and gives them clarity and concrete next steps to follow.



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