What does Bravo Baskets have that the others don’t?

Well if I may be a little conceded for the moment …. the other guys don’t have “me”.

With my 22 plus years of designing over 10,000  baskets, they won’t and don’t have anywhere near the type of experience that I have had working with clients.

How does that famous Mastercard commercial tagline go? “Experience isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.” Yes! That’s it!


But here’s even better news…

Bravo Baskets isn’t expensive.  What does that mean?  It means that YOU the client set the price for what you want to spend.  Basket prices start at a very affordable rate of $50 and go up from there. Applicable sales tax and shipping fees are additional. That means you aren’t locked into a price point and spending more than you want to for a gift basket. Together we decide what items to put into your basket creation so that the gift really reflects what the recipients like and what the client wants to send.


I pay attention to the details…

I always take the time to speak with my clients about the orders they are placing.  I want to understand what the basket is for and what is unique about the person or group receiving it. And I want to know what they, the client, want (and don’t want) in the basket. Other companies just want you to choose one of their pre-set designs and place the order, They don’t care if the gift basket you have selected is really the right fit for your needs.

Recently I had a client from California who wasn’t paying attention to the details when she was filling out the Bravo Baskets online order form. This client told me she wanted a gift basket sent to a friend living in Massachusetts.  But when I received the order form, I realized she had mistakenly filled in her own California address for the ship-to address.  I caught the mistake and called her to get the correct address. She was so grateful for my attention to the details.

Do you think an on-line national gift basket company with a customer service rep is going to catch a very expensive mistake like that?  Extremely unlikely.

Had the order gone through with the wrong address, the basket would have shipped. The carrier would have ultimately returned the basket to her in California stating insufficient address. She would have been out money, time and no gift sent.

When I ship a basket for a client, I follow it through to its destination keeping my client update through the entire process.  I let them know when a package has been received. If there is an issue, I take the necessary steps to ensure that the recipient receives the package so my client doesn’t have to spend the time and energy trying to make sure the package has arrived.


My Five Star Reviews…

One of the things I am most proud about of my business is the level of customer service I provide to my clients.  And that is evident by all the reviews I have on the various social media sites as well as Bravo Basket’s own website.

Check them out on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp, and my own website….and you’ll see why I have clients that give me those five-star reviews.

I work hard to earn my customer’s business…and I hope to someday earn yours.  If you are looking to work with a gift basket company that:

  • Offers unique and customized gift baskets
  • Fits the price point you want to spend
  • Offers an outstanding customer service experience from start to finish…

then Bravo Baskets has what the others don’t have….me…Nikki Davidson, proud owner and gift basket designer at Bravo Baskets.




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