The State of Our Union

Unless you have been living in a cave with no internet or newspaper, it is hard to miss what has been happening all around us.  Everyone…and virtually everything… has had to adjust to a new norm. That includes the way we get our food and other various supplies. The way we conduct ourselves in our daily businesses and socializing and everything else in between.

What hasn’t changed?

However, one thing that has not changed: The ability of Bravo Baskets to help clients send a personalized, customized gift basket. Yes, it has been tougher to procure some of the items that I might like to use in a basket. But overall, I have seen a big uptick in my business because people need my help.

I believe it is, in large part, because people cannot or will not go shopping. That could be for any number of reasons.  Many online businesses have also been shut down or are delayed in shipping out their product during this crisis. Whatever the cause, the good news is that Bravo has been able to service just about every basket request it has been asked to do for its clients.

The range of baskets requests has been vast.

Examples of just some of the baskets that Bravo has been asked to create include:

  • the get-well baskets for those suffering from an illness (and not just Covid-19 patients).
  • The many many thank you baskets for the hero’s on the front-lines who are the care-providers for the sick. These are the healthcare workers in hospitals or those who are at home caring for the infirmed.
  • There is also the other kind of thank you baskets, or as a friend suggested calling it “Appreciation Marketing baskets” for the essential employee worker whose jobs and efforts help keep every conceivable corner of this economy up and running.
  • There have been requests for wedding baskets and birthday baskets; Mother’s Day and Father’s Day baskets; baby baskets, and even congratulations on a new home. Of course, sadly there have also been numerous condolence baskets.


And the point is?

The point is, for virtually any occasion you might be thinking of,  Bravo has been able to create a gift basket that the recipients receive to thank, mourn, or celebrate the occasion. What occasion do you have?  Who do you need to thank or celebrate with by sending a gift basket?

As for delivery, Bravo can hand-deliver these baskets in Framingham and surrounding towns (rates apply so you will need to check with me). For baskets outside my delivery area, I use Fed Ex Ground shipping.

So give me a call or visit the Bravo website at and fill out the on-line order form and let’s get working on a unique and custom gift basket.


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