In these new uncertain business times, because of the world we are living in today, it will become more important than ever to promote your business to people who can use your products or services

Bilmar Sales can help!

One of our biggest problems today is the COVID 19.

Disposable face masks are your first line KN95 is of defense against airborne particles.  These personal protective masks will filter airborne dust, allergens, pollution and bacteria.  Each mask uses a 3 -ply pleated membrane with comfortable ear loops and adjustable nose clip (no imprint are available on these).

If interested I will let you know the price and when it can be shipped.

Two other masks are the KN95 and N95 valved respirator. The KN95 is made to China standards and the N95 is made to US standards. They look the same, but vary slightly;  The KN95 has a form fitting nose clip, and the N95 has a soft metal nose clip. They both have 5 layers of state-of-the-art filtration. Elastic straps for ears. Again, no imprint available on these.

Then there is the Plastic Face Shield. This face shield with protective film has an anti-fog and anti-static treatment, and are free of latex, fiberglass, and distortion. A headband relieves pressure on the forehead, and the mask stays securely in place with the attached stretchable band.

Looking forward to winter, some popular items are:

  1. Fleece vests and jackets
  2. Sweatshirts
  3. Full zip and quarter zip hoodies
  4. Insulated jackets
  5. Fleece and acrylic hats

A promotional product is an item that you see, use or wear every day. Not every company needs a promotional product, but they can use one. Whether it’s a pen, coffee mug, post-it- notes or something you display. The idea is to get your brand out there.

When you give a person your promotional product, make sure they can put it to good use. If you don’t promote you should because your competition does. Contact me today and let’s get promoting!


Bill Bluestein

Bilmar Sales


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