While the entire world has been rocked by a pandemic, more and more companies are contemplating how to restart their businesses. Keeping a percentage of your operating budget to continue your marketing efforts is important. Here are 4 reasons why:


1 – Keep loyal customers informed: Make no assumptions that your current or previous customers know that you have continued or are restarting operations. Letting people know what your plans are, how to contact or interact with your product or service is crucial. Consumers will also seek information on how your business is taking preventative measures to help keep them safe – so let them know.


2 – Digital marketing can reach new customers: Most social media platforms have experienced an uptick in users and is still a way to reach a broad audience on a budget. Prepare a plan to not only inform customers about your business with social media posts, but also have a way to respond to electronic inquiries or regular emails. Customers will be asking more questions than before about your operations prior to purchasing or visiting your location.


3 – Make it a diverse plan: Letting your customers know in multiple ways that you are open (or reopening) is crucial. Create a rich schedule of outreach with emails, social media posts, signs, flyers, mailers or a cross-promotional opportunity with your Chamber of Commerce / other local businesses to pepper your ideal clients. Many people are experiencing information overload when using screens, so don’t neglect non-digital channels in getting the word out. If you have a physical location that clients visit, find creative ways to let people know what your business is doing during all phases of “reopening” so they know how to interact with you.


4 – It’s Going to Take Time: While the pandemic impacted the globe in record time, getting business back to where it was is going to months or years. Continuing to communicate with your customers will be key in the months and years to come. View this is as an opportunity to measure what marketing campaigns are reaching your customers so you can refine your outreach strategy.


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~ Kathleen DelPrete


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