Social Media Marketing Made Easy With The Framingham Marketing Group

Any great event starts with a plan. For many of us, the holiday season is very busy, so having an organized approach to social media for your business during November, December and into January is key to having a successful selling season. Start by asking yourself a few key questions and follow these suggestions:

  • What are the crucial goods or services you want to promote during the holidays? Pull together slogans, images and messaging you are going to use throughout the holiday season.
  • Keep your message simple! Remember, social media posts are more likely to be served up to your followers if they include “real” photos (vs. stock images) and don’t contain more than 20% text on the image you post. Add explanations to the post body – but keep it succinct! If you have to go into a lot of detail – drive them to your website to “learn more”. You may also need to adjust your message based on the social media platform you are posting on; What works on Facebook may not “fit” on Twitter or have the same traction on LinkedIn – so know your audience based on platform!
  • Focus on specific dates that are important (think Black Friday or Cyber Monday) to your promotion and trending hashtags (#smallbusinesssaturday or #givingtuesday for example) that will also help boost your posts. Plan to post frequently during those days – not just once. Given the traffic of other companies marketing on social media, you will need to post multiple times a day to have an impact. Remember, your audience is busy this time of year as well so posting frequently increases the chance of them seeing your post.
  • Once you know what you are going to talk about, track where and when you are going to post. Try this Google sheet document to help OR look at using a scheduling tool like Social Report, Later or Buffer to help prep ahead of time. Creating and scheduling posts ahead of time – even using the Facebook scheduling tool – will help you stay on top of your marketing to-do list.
  • Post at different times – not just using “popular” ones. Again, people are very busy these days and will be scrolling through social media feeds at odd hours. You will also be competing with all the other businesses using social media to promote during the holidays – so post at non-usual times to increase your visibility.
  • Analyze what people are reacting to (likes, shares) and clicking through from (what platform is driving people to your website) to consider making changes to your initial plan based on what is working and what isn’t. As much as we think we know our customers, it is sometimes surprising what engages customers – and you should be adjusting your campaign accordingly. Google Analytics will tell you the top websites that are bringing people to you AND you can look at social media platform analytics to see what is performing well.


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