Team Solar Brand Evolution

Well… we’ve talked quite a bit about visual branding… haven’t we. You’d think we would have exhausted our topics — not even close. Branding is complex. It’s a science, as much as it is an art.


Today I want to talk about the REBRANDING, or the evolution of brands.


Brands do not stand still. They ebb and flow like the ocean waves. Brands work in harmony with the world around them. They need to look, listen, learn, and evolve. Brands should always be aware, flexible, and adaptable.


Why to brands evolve?


Let’s go through some of the “Re’s”…


  • Restructure
  • Reposition
  • Reimagine


These all fall under the big “re”… Reassessment.


What can a graphic designer do for evolving brands?


A good graphic designer starts by gathering information. What is driving this need for change? We need to know what’s working and what’s not. What equity do they have in their current brand? Some businesses can’t answer this. They may have sense that their customers don’t have much of a connection to their brand, until they change it. Change can be risky. We all remember the Coca Cola, right? They didn’t just create “New Coke”, they took away something their customers were deeply connected to. They underestimated this connection to their brand.


I’m currently working with my client, Team Solar, to evolve their brand. They are a young company with great potential. When we created their current brand image in 2016 their market was narrow, positioning themselves as the local solar ‘consultants’. Their business has grown, and continues to grow. They’re now branching out nationally and offering a more sophisticated line of products to a more diverse clientele. They have, in a very short time, outgrown their visual brand.


We’re doing something that many brands do… we’re addressing the change in phases. This ‘phase 1’ is a change but not a total departure. As a result, we hope to convey ‘growth’ but reassure the customer that this is still the Team Solar they have come to know, just now more ‘evolved.’


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