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Think about a product, brand, service, vendor, and in addition to finding out about the “what,” you’ve also most likely sought validation of those items in the form of a review, comment, rating, recommendation, or testimonial. It might be feedback on Facebook, some Yelp entries, a friend’s story about their excellent (or not so excellent!) experience, or a personal referral.


These anecdotal moments are crucial, and the bigger the decision / investment, the more we want to make sure we’re making the right one. This is why testimonial videos can be so powerful, because they cut right to the part the consumer is interested in: picturing themselves with the same glowing review that the speaker they are watching is giving. It humanizes the story, and brings to life what would otherwise be some words on a page, perhaps buried for all time. Aside from an in-person accounting of the details of a job and how well or poorly it went, a thoughtful, well-made video from the perspective of the end-user—one that feels very authentic—truly is the next closest thing to achieving all the confidence boosters needed for the interested party to pull the trigger. “Well if Ted had this kind of experience, and seems this thrilled, that sounds like the kind of person/company I want to work with.”


I often find myself on a corporate film set thinking about the future, even when our clients might not be. In other words, what kind of marketing deliverables will be valuable down the line, perhaps that aren’t even on the radar for the current project. We want to foster long term relationships, and be the company our clients turn to again and again when they need significant updates, new deliverables geared toward different audiences, or entire new productions.


On almost all of our jobs at Green Lens, we record not only the media required for the video or videos at hand, but without adding any extra cost, we’re capturing extra material whenever possible. We recognize the production value available on our sets between the crew and equipment, and we take advantage of that for our clients as much as we can, because it’s the same forward-thinking and value WE would want were we buying a video.


On one particular job for a print business, we were designing a company welcome video. Originally the audience targeted was warm leads, and the role of their clients on set were to be featured in staged scenes only. In the middle of the shoot, we re-strategized our schedule so that we could wind up with testimonial content as well, because we knew that would really boost the production value and give them extra options,  and wouldn’t you know it, it made for some of the best material in the video.


Not only that, there was so much of that good testimonial content, one year later, when they came to us to have us re-edit the original video into one targeting cold leads, which would be about half the length, we reminded them of this great material in their archive itching to be edited. They had us edit it, and we wound up with 7 brand new videos of these clients genuinely singing their praise, which gave them a lot more media to add to their brand new website.


Here’s the welcome video (shorter version)…



…and one of the subsequent (7) testimonial videos…



Without having to film anything new, we saved them an entire production day and all the expenses that can bring, by anticipating the usefulness of the testimonial content, and capturing it on the original production.


In a world where businesses are slowly reopening amidst the backdrop of pandemic, and looking to instill confidence in their safety procedures, reassuring words from loyal customers can be one of the best types of content to release. These could be finely tuned and edited videos, or even more raw submissions. As long as you are valuing viewer’s time, and getting the point across with feeling, the effort and outcomes can be rewarding. With video you can achieve this, because if seeing is believing, feeling is everything else.


You can view more samples and approaches to video testimonials here


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